How to 10x Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn & Attract Clients, Speaking Engagements, and Jobs
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The highly acclaimed "masterclass that broke LinkedIn" is back for a very limited time only!

Skyrocket your visibility on LinkedIn to attract opportunities while your sleep.

Here's what people have said about this masterclass:

"What an incredibly insightful and informational Masterclass." 
   -Melissa B.

"Best webinar I have seen to date."
   -Liene O.

"Each minute is pure gold!" 
- Aishling T.  

This masterclass is for you if you are 1 of 3 people...
1. You'd like to be invited for podcasts, speaking engagements, and book deals, with zero outreach (skip the pitch!).

2. You are a professional who wants to see job opportunities come to you (enough submitting resumes!).

OR 3. You are a consultant or entrepreneur who is tired of struggling to get visibility on social media, and wants to get massive visibility with $0 ad spend.

There is an easier way to attract opportunities. And no you don't need a big network, need to send a bunch of cold DMs, or pay for LinkedIn Premium. ​​
What You'll Learn on this Masterclass
  • ​How the right strategy on LinkedIn will completely transform your business or career.
  • ​How to "get the algorithm in your favor" with MUST KNOW tactics when posting
  • ​How to come up with content that your audience will LOVE - no matter how experienced you are.
  • ​How to target the RIGHT audience with your LinkedIn presence
  • ​How to build a LARGE and HIGHLY ENGAGED network quickly
  • ​How to CONVERT the traffic you generate from posting into generating clients, revenue, and opportunities
  • ​AND MORE!
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Madeline Mann is the founder of Self Made Millennial and career strategist who is a LinkedIn Top Voice and has been dubbed "The Queen of Personal Branding," with 1 million+ followers across platforms. 

She is featured as the LinkedIn and Job Search expert correspondent for Bloomberg and Harvard Business Review, and has 4 courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform. Mann earned a book deal from Penguin Random House, which should hit shelves in 2025.

Mann’s career coaching programs have led to thousands of success stories, and her work has been featured on ABC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.

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